European Lead Factory and EU-OPENSCREEN sign Memorandum of Understanding

EU-OPENSCREEN and the public partners of the European Lead Factory have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in future initiatives, such as the IMI2 ESCulab call. The two consortia have a common deep interest in the discovery and development of small molecule compounds that specifically modulate the biological function of target proteins and recognize that they represent complementary initiatives which serve the needs of basic, applied and pharmaceutically directed research.

Therefore, European Lead Factory and EU-OPENSCREEN consider the exploitation of synergistic potential and complementarity between their activities mutually attractive.

Phil Gribbon, coordinator of EU-OPENSCREEN is very pleased with this Memorandum: “At a practical level, this could lead to collaboration in which we are better able to serve the needs of users. It gives users improved access, via local organisations, to the excellent complementary facilities for enabling drug discovery which are available at the European Lead Factory.”