PT-OPENSCREEN Kick-off Meeting in Porto

On Friday, January 12th, Claudio Sunkel, António Pombinho and André Maia of the i3S institute organised the kick-off meeting of the national Chemical Biology consortium PT-OPENSCREEN. More than 40 representatives from more than 20 research institutes, universities and the national ministry (FCT) convened in Porto.

After Claudio Sunkel welcomed the attendees and introduced the i3S, Bahne Stechmann presented the European Research Infrastructure initiative EU-OPENSCREEN. André Maia (IBMC-i3S, Porto), Miguel Mano (CNC, Coimbra), Rui Moreira (iMED, Lisboa) and Margarida Amaral (BioISI, Lisboa) highlighted ongoing screening activities in Portugal, followed by a presentation by António Pombinho on the PT-OPENSCREEN concept.

The future consortium will bring together in Portugal knowledge and efforts in the discovery of new molecules for basic science and medical applications. Furthermore, PT-OPENSCREEN aims to link the Portugese research community into the European Infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN.